What To Expect From Your Newborn Photography Session

My favorite time to photograph a newborn is within the first 5-10 days after birth. It is at this time that babies are still very sleepy, and still almost as pliable and “curly” as they were in the womb. They usually sleep very heavily, and it’s also before the onset of any baby acne or colic. All of these factors make for a more calming session, and it also makes the more difficult poses possible. Beyond about 2 weeks of age, any poses that require the baby to be in a deep sleep may become impossible.

Carefully Chosen Props Can Make Your Newborn Photos Special

This is a perfect time to capture their beautiful baby skin tone and their true smallness. This is why I prefer them to be photographed naked. I love to add a little detail and color by using a flower, head band, a tie, or even a handmade knit hat. There are so many great and simple accents that can really make the photograph fun and unique. I have tons of props that I can use, but if you would like something special to be uniquely yours, I suggest searching for special props on Etsy. I always welcome your personal touches and ideas!

Plan To Invest Two Hours For Newborn Photographs

I typically spend about about 2 hours creating your newborn session. I spend a great deal of time getting perfect hand/feet placement, facial expressions, waiting for smiles, etc. This time block also allows time for feeding/nursing, changing set-ups, and calming/nursing baby back to sleep in between set-ups changes.

Before the Shoot

I will keep the studio area very warm for baby so dress accordiingly so you're not uncomfortable. If you can make it work,try to hold off feeding the baby for two hours before the shoot, and then feed them while I'm setting up. This helps them go into a milk 'coma' and sleep through all of the positions. Before you feed them make sure to already have them undressed and the tabs on their diapers undone. You can wrap them in a blanket to help keep them warm and snuggly.

After the Shoot

Your bundle of joy will be featured on my blog and a sneak peak will be posted on my facebook page www.facebook.com/danddphots Your pictures will be available to view and order within 10 days of the shoot.