The First Feature Friday!

Every Friday I will be discussing some new great product I love and highly recommend!


Todays post will feature Contigo water bottles. I know.. not that exciting... but if your a mom and went on the quest I went on in order to find that one perfect water bottle.. then it's a little exciting lol. So what's so special about the contigo water bottle? Well, a couple things actually. First, get ready to be thrilled.., there's kid version and adult version. Oh yeah! and even better, they have coffee thermos's too.

I started my love for this product through the adult version. I had gone through maybe 6.. yes 6... different types of water bottles. These ranged from stainless steel, glass, cheap, straw, flip top, screw top, all sorts of variations. Until one day, while I was at school, my good friend Dena lent me her bright green contigo water bottle... I was in love. I had to have one. At that time they were still pretty new so It was a little hard to find, but eventually Barnes and Nobles came to my rescue. What makes this water bottle so great is that, 1) it doesn't leak, 2) it fits in standard cup holders and my diaper bag, 3)I can push the button to access the water with one hand, and 4) my oldest at the time couldn't figure out how to push the button on his own, miraculously preventing the dredded food floatings from entering my precious water. :) seriously a win! Oh, and it's easy to wash and pretty hard (although not impossible) to break. So there ya go.. Best water bottle ever!

The kids versions are excellent too! They have both the spout/button combo and the straw version in kids sizes. I use the straw version as its really simple for all my kids (even my 11 month old) to use. Which means no sippy cups for us, or spills, or leaks, or fighting because our Costco sells them in 3 packs! Perfect for 3 kids! The straws are big so they easily accomodate smoothies, Yay! and there's a nifty clippy on the outside to hook it to backpacks, diaperbags, pretty much anything. Yep, I loveeee me some contigo!